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About Me: As a Designer

I believe in a world made of canvas and not of convention. I see what something can be, instead of what it is. That's my mantra. I love design, and I am inspired by everything around me.

I'm also a nice person. This may not seem like an important design quality, but I assure you it is. In this industry you may find that big talent comes with big egos. I put that aside and work with you to learn everything I can about your needs, values, and goals. I focus on your message, and work to create the best possible design solution for you.

What makes me different? My process. A design process is critical to effective communication and design. It 's not just choosing colors and creating layouts. It's bringing your ideas to life. Researching and understanding your business, values, and competitors allows for fully developed concepts. No shots in the dark. Just creative solutions.

About Me: As a Person
My husband and I welcomed our first child in November 2013. Zachary Ian Gagnon (ZIG) is the coolest baby I've ever met and has inspired me as a designer in a whole new way. I have founded a non-profit, The Corner Kingdom Project, and design beautiful, yet functional rooms for children with special needs or illnesses.

I am also a dog lover. I have two rescue dogs. Jewel, a golden retriever, and Toby, a corgi-chiuahua mix. We all live happily in Hudson, NH.