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"Tiffany is a world-class designer. She truly has a gift for conveying complex information in an engaging and interesting way. Any designer who has the opportunity to work alongside Tiffany should take it, they will learn a lot, be inspired, be challenged, and come out all the better for it. I know I certainly have."
—Lily Scola, Senior Designer at Curriculum Associates
"She is one of the most creative people I know and is always seeking additional challenge and professional growth. She is particularly skilled at building a distinctive brand. I can speak firsthand about Tiffany’s work ethic, time management, and commitment to quality. Her passion and creativity shine best through the “big projects” needed to transform a product/brand. At the same time, she meticulously executes the many daily projects required to maintain that brand. I am so fortunate to have worked with such a talented designer."
—Rachel Groh, Management Associate at Curriculum Associates
"She has incredible creative ability to take a thought or a subject and bring it to life. I have worked with Tiffany in many aspects including: 1) Re-branding from logo to website design 2) Creating a unique presentation that made our company stand out from the rest and 3) Applying creative graphics from concepts. I highly recommend Tiffany!"
—Kimberly Keating, Executive Director at Optimal Strategix Group
" She is one of the best and hardest working graphic designers in the country."
—Lloyd Emelle, Managing Director at Emelle ME, LLC
"She does excellent work which exceeds my expectations every time. She is a star."
—Thom Mcann, Chief Product Officer at Joggle
"Tiffany is one who stands out from the average. She is a naturally gifted individual with a strong intuitive sense of design, a natural curiosity and a positive and energetic persona. Talented, artistically and academically, possessing an extremely disciplined work ethic, and genuine curiosity, I highly recommend Tiffany Gagnon."
—Steven Belcher, Professor & Chairperson, Art Dept., Regis College